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About Alpinestars

From F-1 to Motocross and every extreme sport in between Alpinestars makes its presence known. Alpinestars supports the greatest athletes including Sunny Garcia, Mike Alessi, Nick Hayden, David Coulthard, Ryan Guettler, Makua Rothman, Drake McElroy, Tyla Rattray, Jeff Weatherall, and Tarah Gieger. Trusted by professional athletes to withstand the rigorous abuse they put the clothing through, Alpinestars provides a well built, high quality, dependable product.

Founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo in Asolo, Italy, Alpinestars started out making hiking and ski boots, but quickly changed their focused to making boots primarily for motocross racing. In the 1990s, Alpinestars branched out into manufacturing all types of protective and technical gear ranging from gloves and jackets to full leather suits for motorcycling. Today they have offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo while the original headquarters and main research & development labs remain in Northern Italy.

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